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Our philosophy

Every breeder has his own view on breeding, breeding lines, keeping a dogs and life with them. Everyone has his own priorities in breeding and that's what makes breeders and breeding lines different.


We love our goldens and they are pretty attached on us. They love our company, they love laying on the couchs and beds, cuddling in our bed every morning... They love to "guard" the kitchen while we are cooking and you might think they are used to go on WC but they are just waiting for us while we are inside haha :) Goldens are soft and gentle souls which love humans to the bits, who apreciate every secund in our company. They are sometimes very naughty and spoiled, but that are goldens :D We can't imagine our dogs being all day, all life in kennels and that we spend only hour or two with them per day. Some of them would definetly die of sadness.
Our dogs live together, not just with us but in pack together, puppies and youngsters and adults. We do not separate them in groups, we teach them to be together, to play together to eat together... They are sometimes jelaus but it is important for them to know, on the end, who's really a pack leader :)
We have dog rooms and kennels which are "doggy proof" for special occasions; when we are not at home to prevent them doing somethings naughty, for separate training and when they are too wet or dirty to let them inside our home after getting back from the walk.


We are breeders. We breed dogs. And It is not our "job" it is our passion. We carefully plan every litter and we equally mate in other kennels and home.
Our litters are born inside our home and we always have someone to supervise mother and puppies. They are born in our living room and they stay there untill 5 or 6 weeks old. After that they are moved to doggy room. They start to go outside with 3-4 weeks, depending on weather and they are untill 8 weeks used to different grounds, sounds, other dogs, children, adults...

We do not breed for colour or "genetic tests". We do genetic tests on important diseases like PRA1 and PRA2 but do not follow the trend to breed only "clears" on different less important tests. Before going into breeding, we do hip, elbow, eyes and heart to all our dogs. Now we started doing OCD to our youngsters too so OCD as OCD can affect dog's life. We breed only on clinically healthy dogs with proportional look and happy, playfull and brave temperament.

We do not breed for massive coat, huge heads and "teddy bear look". Goldens are brad to retrieve and work, they need to be athletic and ready to work regardless if they are living like a pet or show/breeding/rescue/working dog.

Temperament is together with health something we care the most. Golden need to be happy, active, friendly dog who has no sign of agressive behaviour. Golden is a dog who you can easily left with your children and other pets, a dog who will greet every one with happiness.

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