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About us

Glamour Shine kennel is owned by Marijana Racic, economics and business student, who moved near Zagreb in 2013. Marijana live with dogs in Habjanovac, Dubrava, 60km away from capital city Zagreb - Croatia. She has unlimited support by her parents who are living 300 km away but still help a lot with dogs during the summer. The biggest helper yet, and co-owner of some of Glamour Shine dogs is Marijana's best friend Anna Weber, who is law student in Zagreb. Both of them are huge dog lovers and they both participated a bit in junior handling competition untill they turned 18.

Marijana Racic

                                                                                                                                                                            Anna Weber

Anna is Marijana's childhood friend. The two of them met on a dog show and since that moment
they are very close to each other. They both share similar views and they both love nature, horses
and dogs. Anna's NO1 breed is Flat Coated Retriever, and she owned beautiful girl Diva who sadly
passed at the age of 10 back in 2013. Since than, Anna do not own a dog, due to her study
engagements, but she is now co-owner and handler of some of Glamour Shine dogs. Anna takes
huge part in Glamour Shine, as she is constantly helping with socialisation of puppies, dog sitting,
dog training, handling and so on. She is "once in a life time friend" who is really rare to find, so the
only correct way was to give her her favourite dogs in co-ownership. So, since begining of 2015
boys "Gun" - Dreams Come True Happy Company & "Destiny" Glamour Shine Dynasty Warrior
Legend Lives On and girls - "Calleigh" - Glamour Shine Danza Kuduro and "Hearty" - Glamour Shine
Heart Attack are co-owned with her.
Marijana, stubborn as always, wanted to have a dog. Not any dog, but golden retriever. She saved her pocket money for a year and with help of her brother Krešimir she saved enough to buy first golden, first pedigree dog in their family. When parents saw how determine she is, they agreed to buy a dog.
In 2007, her first golden girl arrived - Croa - Chamring Eyes V.I.M.team. Secund dog arrived 1.5 years after, It was male - "Gun" - Dreams Come True Happy Company.
With Croa and Gun, she started with dog shows and breeding. Marijana took part in Junior Handling competition between 2009 and 2012 mostly showing golden retrievers. Throught a years, she learned a lot about genetics, look and golden retrievers generally. Her primary aim is breeding healthy, happy and beautiful golden retriver, who still can work and run for hours in the field or woods. Find more abour Glamour Shine kennel under sections "kennel" and "history".